Words of wisdom about cancer from MD Anderson patients and caregivers

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Whether you're coping with cancer or another challenge, a mantra can help you get through it. 

Many of the cancer patients, caregivers and survivors who have contributed to Cancerwise have shared wonderful words of wisdom that others have looked to for encouragement and inspiration throughout their cancer journeys. 

Here some of our most popular quotes from our Cancerwise bloggers.

"In the medical community, this is called remission. To one who's overcome a great deal of obstacles, it's called freedom." 
-- Justin Ozuna, chronic myeloid leukemia survivor

"Even if I never hear the word 'remission' or even if cancer takes my life, I will always be a survivor." 
-- Cristina Rodriguez, non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor

"I don't have a choice as to my 'new' normal, so I do what I can to continue to find enjoyment and fulfillment in life." 
-- Ed Steger, head and neck cancer survivor 

"Cancer may have knocked me down, but I am back on my feet and I am stronger." 
-- Linda Ryan, cervical cancer survivor

"Going through cancer gives you an opportunity to see what you're made of. I learned I'm made of more confidence, capability and charisma than I ever knew." 
-- Megan Silianoff, ovarian cancer survivor 

"I can't protect my wife from something that comes from the inside, but I can be there to hold her hand ready to reassure her that everything will be fine." 
-- Gasper Mir, caregiver 

"Do what you can. You can do something to impact your outcome. You can live a wonderful life." 
-- Tom Barber, lung cancer survivor

"Somehow, some way, you'll get through this. And no matter the outcome, you'll be grateful for the gift of time." 
-- Judy Overton, caregiver

"Being a cancer survivor means leveraging the challenges, the misery and fear into energy that allows you to move forward, be there for your loved ones and perhaps make a difference." 
-- Oliver Bogler, male breast cancer survivor

"Live life to the fullest and accept the beauty of being given a second chance." 
-- Holly Easley, myelodysplastic syndrome survivor
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