Best of Cancerwise 2013: Advice for cancer caregivers

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apple and girl.jpgCaring for a cancer patient can be very rewarding, but it can  be stressful, too. During the past year, some of our experts and caregivers have shared great advice for caregivers.

Check out these blog posts for our most helpful advice for cancer caregivers.

5 health tips for cancer caregivers
When caring for a loved one, it's easy for your own health to take a backseat. But it's essential that you stay healthy so you can provide the best care. Read these tips.

What I've learned as a cancer patient and caregiver
A few years after beating lung cancer, Tom Barber became a caregiver to his sister during her cancer journey. Find out what he learned.

What caregivers wish they would have known

Life changes when you become a caregiver, and, unfortunately, there are some things you may have to figure out along the way. Find out what other caregivers learned. 

4 tips to reduce stress

How do I work, take care of my kids, be a good spouse, and find care for my loved one during the day? These are just some of the challenges caregivers face each day. Learn how to curb stress.

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