Best of Cancerwise 2013: Our experts' most helpful insight

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No matter where you are in your journey, cancer can raise more questions than answers. But by doing your research and adhering to the adage that "knowledge is power," you can make your cancer journey more manageable.

Here's some of the most helpful advice and insight shared by our doctors and other experts in 2013.

4 common myths about cancer doctors
In getting to know his patients, Nikesh Jasani, M.D., has learned that there are a lot of misperceptions about oncologists. Find out what he wishes more patients knew.

CT and MRI scans: Tips for coping with stress
Do upcoming MRI or CT scans cause you to lose sleep and interfere with your daily life? Good news: it is possible to manage this so-called scanxiety. Learn how to reign in scanxiety.

Cancer-related fatigue: Tips for cancer patients and survivors
Unfortunately, fatigue is a common side effect of both chemotherapy and radiation, and it often doesn't go away when treatment ends. But, says Pamela Schlembach, M.D., there are things you can do to minimize fatigue and get back to feeling like your normal self. Read her advice.

A year of progress for our Moon Shots Program
Last year, MD Anderson took another step toward Making Cancer History® when we launched our Moon Shots Program, which seeks to significantly reduce the mortality rates for several cancers and ultimately find cures for these and other cancers. Michael Keating, M.D., discusses the progress we've made and what's ahead. Learn about our progress.

Exercise for cancer survivors: A great way to boost your health
It can be tough to motivate yourself to exercise during and after cancer treatment. But, says Karen Basen-Engquist, Ph.D., making the effort can boost your health and curb fatigue. Find out what's best for survivors.

Cancer treatment: Radiation therapy explained
Preparing for radiation therapy? Learn what to expect from Shalin Shah, M.D., who addresses several common questions about this type of cancer treatment. Get answers.

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