Best of Cancerwise 2013: Cancer patient and survivor stories

Sonia Byrd Throughout the year, our cancer patients and cancer survivors shared insight, advice and stories from their cancer journeys, giving us inspiration and hope.

Here are some of our best stories from patients and survivors in 2013.

Getting married after cancer: Guilt is part of the diagnosis
Before proposing to his girlfriend, Justin Ozuna couldn't stop thinking about how the proposal would align with his cancer diagnosis and his uncertain future. Find out how the couple accepted their new reality.

Bodybuilding: How a breast cancer survivor regained confidence
After a breast cancer diagnosis, double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Sonia Byrd decided to retake control of her body and life. So, she signed up for a bodybuilding fitness contest. Read her story.

Support groups: A cancer patient's best friend
Like many cancer patients, Mike Snyder originally shrugged off his doctor's suggestion to join a support group. But after his bone cancer returned, a co-worker invited him to join one. Learn how this experienced changed him.

A melanoma survivor's take on tanning beds
After tanning three times a week starting at the age of 15, Cheri Huber was diagnosed with melanoma in her mid-30s. Now cancer-free and a mom of two young girls, she's a strong supporter of a new Texas law that prohibits minors from using tanning salons. Read her story.

After chordoma: Coping with anger and change
After two surgeries, feeding tubes, trouble forming words and uncontrollable anger, chordoma survivor Hank Lech just wanted to be back to "normal," not his "new normal." Hank Lech's anger grew day by day after his chordoma diagnosis and treatment. Learn how he came to cope with life after cancer.

Falling off the edge of a cliff
At 20 months out from her last chemotherapy treatment and 15 months from her last medical procedure for uterine cancer, Marcy Kurtz knew she was a cancer survivor in name. But she struggled to move forward. Read her story.

My metastatic breast cancer recurrence: "You first" and other lessons
After 15 years in remission, Jody Schoger's cancer returned. Though she's still struggling with acceptance, she's noticed several recurring themes about living with stage 4 cancer. Find out what she's discovered.


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