Our 5 most-watched videos from 2013

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In 2013, we shot videos covering everything from groundbreaking research to wisdom from our patients and caregivers to MD Anderson's hidden gems and major milestones. We even recorded our first music video.

Here are our five most-watched videos from the past year.

"Hold On" -- a message of hope for cancer patients
One of our doctors, Greg Lizee, Ph.D., has written and recorded a song of hope called "Hold On." We've dedicated the song to all those touched by cancer.

Watch Dr. Lizee's "Hold On" music video:

Moon Shots Program 1-year milestones
When we launched our Moon Shots Program in Sept. 2012, we vowed to significantly reduce cancer deaths for several cancers and ultimately find cures for these and other cancers. Learn about the progress we've already and what's ahead for our efforts to end cancer.

Watch the Moon Shots Program 1-year milestones video:

Calm in the midst of storm: Gardens at MD Anderson
The holiday season can be stressful for those touched by cancer. Whether you're here at MD Anderson or thousands of miles away, we hope you'll find a little tranquility -- and a whiff of spring -- in this soothing video of our gardens.

Watch our gardens grow:

Beating cancer: Wisdom from a five-time survivor
After surviving five different bouts with cancer, Lainie Jones understands what it takes to stay positive during cancer treatment. She also believes that giving up isn't an option.

Watch Lainie Jones share her advice for fellow cancer patients:

Lymphedema specialists tackle post-surgery swelling in head and neck cancer patients
Lymphedema, or chronic swelling, isn't just a cosmetic concern for cancer patients. For head and neck cancer patients, it also can affect speaking, swallowing, breathing and vision.

Watch Jan Lewin, Ph.D., discuss how her team helps manage head and neck lymphedema:

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