Policies and Guidelines for Employees

Commenting Guidelines for MD Anderson Employees

Although the intent of the blog is to provide a channel for communication with cancer patients, caregivers, students and professionals outside of the institution, no one has more to say about what is going on at MD Anderson than its employees. Employee participation in blog commenting will enhance the open conversation the blog is intended to create, and is encouraged. To help employees feel that this is a safe environment where participation is truly encouraged, we offer the following tips for commenting within the blog.

The goal of a blog is to provide honest commentary to the community of readers and participants. When responding, always identify yourself as an employee. Your perspective as an employee is valuable to the conversations, and should be honestly represented.

When registering to comment on the blog, please use your MD Anderson e-mail address. Employee commenting in the blog can be identified by IP address. Comments identified as employees posted anonymously are subject to edit or rejection.

Recommendations for Commenting as an Employee

  • Conduct yourself as you would within any business communication such as e-mail or phone. The blog is simply another point of customer interaction HIPAA and institutional guidelines for communication with patients and the public are applicable here.

  • Comment with the assumption that your supervisor will read your comments. Anything posted online is public information. Whether you have chosen to adhere to standards or not, please consider that your comments are available to the public, which includes the possibility of review by any department chair or division head. If you have a concern about a comment you would like to make within the blog, please follow your appropriate departmental approval channels.

  • This blog is not an appropriate platform for addressing employment and personnel concerns. It is strongly recommended that you address these issues directly with your manager or an HR representative.

  • Edit your comments for grammar, clarity and content. MD Anderson employs the best and brightest, and we should always try to represent ourselves as such. Often grammar and content errors detract from the validity of the response. Always review and edit your responses to the best of your ability before submitting.
If you have posted a response in error, please contact us at to request rejection or removal of a post.

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