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Owner's Design Guidelines

Autocad Standards

Autocad Standards

The following files provide instructions and support drawings for use in the development of Autocad drawings for all MD Anderson Cancer Center facilities.

MD Anderson Cancer Center does not intend to influence the methods or means of practice of outside consultants. However, it is committed to enforcing the standards of information delivery that insure predictability and the ability to easily reuse information. As a result, these standards will be included as part of the contractual requirements for delivery of electronic information.

We recognize that there will be times when deviations from these standards may be appropriate on some projects, and in those instances, the design professional is expected to notify the Owner's Project Manager in writing for approval to deviate.

If you have any Comments/Questions/Suggestions about the information included within the MD Anderson Autocad Standards, please contact Shane Weissinger by Email or Phone: 713 563 6752.

CAD Standards Documentation

CAD standards documentation and customized AutoCAD system support files including descriptions and instructions for the AutoCAD system files and the MD Anderson CAFM drawing standard manual.

Layer List

Complete standard layer list and list of commonly used standard layers.

Symbols Library

Reference document and standard MD Anderson AutoCAD symbols and blocks including:

  • Architectural - Doors & Restroom Fixtures/Accessories
  • Electrical - Lighting, Power, Security & Miscellaneous
  • Fire Suppression & Life Safety
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • Interior - Computers/Copiers/Boards/Panels/Storage Furniture, Knoll Furniture & Tables/Chairs/Conference Room Furniture
  • Plumbing
  • Telecommunications