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Owner's Design Guidelines

What Are the Owner's Design Guidelines?

Administration Building

Master Construction Specifications, Design Guideline Elements and various other Supplemental Resources such as Interior Finishes Standards, Installation Details, HVAC Control Contract Document Requirements, etc. are all combined under the heading of the Owner's Design Guidelines.

They are to be used in the development of Contract Documents for all
MD Anderson Cancer Center design and construction Projects.

These guidelines have been developed as a collaborative cross-divisional effort through coordination with various MD Anderson personnel and outside consultants to identify preferred methods and materials of construction. The documents are continually evaluated and modified as required to insure they evolve to be an indispensable set of tools that will help us all provide this Institution with the quality facilities that are desired, required and deserved.

All facilities staff, consultants and contractors are encouraged to participate in the ongoing development of these guidelines by communicating any concerns, suggestions or questions. The forms below has been provided to allow formal consideration and processing of any input you may have.

  • Please download, complete and forward the following MS Word document form by email, fax, interoffice mail or hand deliver to the number/address provided.

      Guideline Revision Request Form


March 17, 2016: CSI Division 26 – Electrical:
Complete re-write and re-posting of section 26 09 13 – Power Status and Monitoring Systems.

August 04, 2015: CSI Division 01 – General Requirements:
Initial issue of section 01 89 23 – Site HVAC Utilities Performance Requirements.

May 28, 2015: CSI Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security:
Section 28 30 00 - Fire Alarm and Smoke Detector Systems:
Major revision throughout document. Added Attachment "F" - Conceptual Drawing of Typical Door Control NAC.

October 21, 2015: Element Z4075 – Pharmaceutical Compounding Rooms:
Initial adoption and posting of element.​

November 06, 2014: Element Z4070 – Cerrobend Mold Fabrication Rooms:
Initial adoption and posting of element.​

July 24, 2014: Element Z4010 – Fire Command Rooms:
Standardized all High-Rise key boxes and Fire Depository boxes that house documents and keys used by the Houston Fire Department.​

March 10, 2015: Construction Submittal Templates:
Updated Commissioning Plan Template files.

March 10, 2015: Construction Submittal Templates:
Removed Communications Equipment Room Layout & Rack Configuration Drawings. Illustrations are included within Design Guideline Element D5030 - Telecommunications.

March 10, 2015: AutoCad Standards:
Updated AutoCad Manual, Layers and Library files.

Specification Revision Log

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Design Guideline Element Archives

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