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Subject:But I have nothing to wear

But I have nothing to wear

In this in-between time, the time when the kingdom of God is coming but not yet here, we are clothed in the world for the most part. Physical clothing is not in itself necessarily a bad thing. It is part of how we take care of ourselves. We are also robed in things such as responsibility, careers, and parenthood. However, naked we came and naked shall we return. In the garden, we did not need clothing. Only with the advent of sin and shame comes clothing. We use clothes to hide our shame, to advance ourselves and to put others down. This is why our clothing, our robes, need to be washed by the divine launderer. What we could never do on our own, God has done by washing us clean of our sins.


As I envision the throne of God surrounded by multitudes in white robes, I cannot help but think of the multitudes in robes in M.D. Anderson. Could those who are clothed in the blue robes called hospital gowns, be but a step away from the white robes of righteousness? Not because they are close to death, but because hospital gowns are the great equalizer. They are worn by the multitudes, all nations, all languages, passing through the ordeal. The ordeal that we call cancer. Those in the robes of blue here are watching the things of this world pass away and letting go of the things that are not important. In our sickness and pain, we find God and find that God was right there, searching for us, just as we are. He comes to us in our ordeal, but he will not leave us there. Our bodies are real and they do suffer, but even cancer cannot stain the soul created in the image of the divine. We are never closer to God than when we stand before him without the things of this world to hide behind. No prestige, no riches, no fine clothes, no pretensions. Naked we come, just as we are, so that God can clothe us in his righteousness.

Posted: 29 Nov 2007 11:53 AM
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