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Subject:HELP: Intimacy / Sex

Okay, I'll try to explain this carefully.  Having been on Welbutrin for over three years (two years preop) the wife and I had sex 4 to 8 times a week. After diagnosis, which was very depressing, cut in half and mostly with the help of Viagra.

Post op (May 06)  Started regaining libido with mostly no erection. Doc put me on Viagra, but it didn't work. Six months post op, the needle (single med? ) Much tumence but not enough of penetration except once.  Titration up didn't help.  Next, bimix.  About the same result only slightly less.....and painful.  After several uses of these, back to Viagra.  Very little help but starting to work.  Twice had erection good enough for penetration.  There still seem to be small improvements, but I'm always back to the vacume device and bands.

Also, most times while urinating or bowel movement, tumenence gets better result than Viagra.

Also, sometimes while masturbating,(yes at 54 I still do that also) erections begin and nearly reach my full length and width (40% of the time).

Do you see anything here that might suggest I may regain erections firm enough for penetration?


Posted: 14 Nov 2007 10:51 AM
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