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Subject:No Money, No Insurance, my Only Hope Jesus!

My name is Georges Eugene. I am from Haiti. I am Poor 75 and half years old. No Money, No Insurance, my Only Hope Jesus, I never visited, consulted a doctor since until recently, precisely it was in June 5, 2012, because I was not able to Urinate. The Haitian Urologist diagnostic was; “I have an Advanced Prostate Cancer”, and my only, but only, only solution is, “Orcheactomy”.


Now the important, The real, true reason why I decided to write to you is that I did some Internet researches and discovered that Alternatives, not “Orcheactomy”, do exist in country like USA, Cuba and Canada anyway maybe on experimentation. I do not want to have my testicles removed and that set, I would prefer to die. Anyway I have been told that usually people over 75 years old do not die from Prostate Cancer but something else. I also heard that “Researchers” test the Effects and Results of their New Medications on group of “volunteers with prostate cancer”. So, for sure, I will be very willing and interested about becoming one of those “Volunteers” and be part of any experimentation other than “Orcheactomy”.


For your information, I am a Non Resident U.S.A Social Security Recipient. I also had Medicare but unfortunately, my Medicare was cancelled because I never pay any monthly due. Simple reason, I do not earn or receive enough money to be able to pay the Medicare.


I do Hope I will be hearing from you, even if it is with some guidance or information excluding “Orcheactomy”.


For your information, I post Prayer and Praise God on Facebook everyday and I will appreciate if you could visit my profile Facebook which is under the pseudonym “Jesusonlyhope Glorytogod”. I pray God you will do that!

So, Go to:


Thank you very, very much.

Posted: 01 Nov 2012 08:46 AM
Originally Posted: 01 Nov 2012 08:45 AM
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