Charter of Paris
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World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millenium
Charter of Paris: 4 February 2000

Article 2

The stigma associated with cancer is a significant barrier to progress in both developed and developing nations, often causing:

1. Undue emotional trauma for patients and their families

2. Bias and discrimination against employment of people with cancer and/or their meaningful participation in and contribution to society.

3. Related financial hardship and loss of productivity poor communication and insufficient public education.
an undue sense of fatalism that can adversely impact the commitment of governments, health agencies and private institutions in the war against cancer.

The parties to this charter undertake to better understand and eradicate the stigmas associated with cancer, to assertively redefine the disease as a treatable biological pathology and not a social condition.

The positive realignment of popular opinion, perception, and concern regarding cancer and the millions of lives it affects will enable the full realization of each of the following priorities.

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